Become a trader at our market.

Want to be part of the new market culture at Subaermarkt? Here's how:

Whether you want to offer fresh food, handmade goods, design, art or knick knacks, and you're looking for a one-time or long-term participation with us, we'll tailor an offer entirely to your needs.

What kind of trader are you?
Flea market
You want to offer your old treasures, second hand goods and junk privately as a flea market trader? Then our Subaer Flohmarkt is the right place for you! Every first Saturday of the month the Subaer Flohmarkt takes place parallel to the Subaermarkt. You can find all dates in our program and you can also book your flea market stand there. 

Professional traders
You want to sell your products and goods as a professional trader? Then our Subaermarket is the right place for you. It takes place every Friday and Saturday and is sometimes extended by our Subaer Flohmarkt or special markets. To participate, you have to register on our website and our team will contact you as soon as possible. 

Which stand suits you and your business best?
Depending on whether you want to offer your products as a professional trader at our weekly market or privately as a flea market trader to offer your old treasures, we have various stands and offers for you prepared.
Different stands offer you different layouts to present your products. From the practical standard table stand to the multifaceted lockable mini-shop - we will find your perfect match! All our stands are roofed and can be easily and flexibly personalized and extended with suitable extras. If you have your own booth or food truck and just need space, we will find the right square meters for you as well.

Please note that some stands are bound to certain participation periods.

All detailed information about our booths can be found here:
Our Stands

How regularly do you want to sell with us?
One day, one week or one month?
You are a private flea marketer and want to sell your old favorites at our flea market? 
In our market calendar you can find the dates of the upcoming flea markets in the Revier Südost.
Once you have found a matching date, you can easily book your booth ticket via our website. Please note that you can only book one day tickets for the flea market. 

You are a commercial trader and want to participate in our subaermarket?
Depending on which rental period suits you and your business best, we will find the ideal offer for you.
In our market calendar you can find all upcoming dates and get an overview of which markets are planned and when. You can choose specific market days or participate on a regular basis. Please note that the selection of the participation period can have an influence on the type of stand.

Visit our market events:
All market events

Would you like a little more?
From furnishings and equipment to electricity - with our extras you can quickly and easily expand your stand and adapt it to your needs

You need a little more space? No problem! Starting with a monthly participation, you can combine two of our stand types "cubes" and have twice as much space.

If you either need equipment such as a table and shelves, or a supply of electricity and water, you can easily book these as well.

But now let's get down to business!

You want to become a part of the Subaermarkt? Then you can find our registration form with all the information here.

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