Our stands

The table between customer and trader always forms a barrier. It is precisely this barrier that we deliberately want to break down, which is why all our stands are designed to be open and accessible.

The simple one 
The simple beer table - the reliable bench for your old treasures. Sometimes it doesn't take much for the perfect market day and that's where the simple beer table comes in! The table top has enough room for your knick-knacks and goodies from grandma's attic. Grab a pretty tablecloth for that individual touch and the haggling and bargaining can begin. You can rent the simple one from one day.
  • 2,20x0,50m
  • rentable from 1 day
  • for private traders

The classic one
We all know and love him - the classic market stall. Due to the solid wooden beams, the classic market stall is not only super sturdy and stable, the natural wood also gives it the cozy and inviting appearance. In addition, the white cover protects against sun and rain and the large tabletop offers enough space for a successful presentation of the products. You can rent the classic already from one day.
  • 4m2 (2,15x2,50m)
  • rentable from 1 day
  • for private traders & professional traders

The shelf
The shelf is our standard stand type. The stand is simple in design, but therefore easy and practical to use for a variety of goods and offers. Of course, the stand is roofed and offers plenty display area. The sides we have equipped with a grid, so that also here space is created for the presentation of the articles. You can rent the shelf already daily.
  • 6m2 (2,70x2,40m)
  • rentable from 1 day

The Box
Small and compact - our box. The stand is roofed and has a walk-in and airy design. The grid doors can be folded completely inwards, so that an open front is created and you can present your goods perfectly. So you don't always have to carry everything from A to B, our box is lockable and you can leave your stuff on site. Due to the simple construction, there is enough space and room for your personal design.
  • 6,25m2 (2,50x2,50m)
  • 2,50 high
  • rentable from 1 day

The Cube
The Cube is our small multifaceted mini-shop with unlimited possibilities. It is roofed, airy and open designed. Due to the simple and plain design, the stand can be easily individualized and adapted to respective needs. For more flexibility and possibilities in product presentation, our cube also features the versatile grids. To make the setup and dismantling on the market days more relaxed, our cube is lockable so you can leave your stuff in your mini-shop.
  • 6,25m2 (2,50x2,50m)
  • 2,50 high
  • rentable from 1 day

If the space of a single cube is not enough anymore and you want to expand, two cubes can be combined quickly and easily to one big stand.
  • 12,5m2 (5,00x2,50m)
  • 2,50 high
  • rentable from 1 day

Perfect square meters
If you have your own stand, food truck or similar and just need space, that's no problem! We will find suitable square meters for you at our market.

But now let's get down to business!

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