Our values and awareness measures

We are committed to representing and reflecting what the music industry and club culture in Berlin and around the world stands for: peace, love, unity and respect.

We aim to be a club where everyone feels welcome and can party without reference to skin color, sexual orientation, gender, or origin: a safer space for everyone who loves electronic music or is ready to fall in love; a space in which all guests can freely develop and experiment while their boundaries are respected; a place that includes people of every conceivable background or identity and that enables them to be more visible and audible, critically questions and develops discourses, and that represents and depicts marginalized groups in our society. We understand diversity in all its facets, including promoters, event concepts and various electronic music genres that represents our scene. 

As part of a wider club culture, we have the opportunity to shape structures within our society and are aware of this responsibility. Only through structural change we can adequately respond to discriminatory structures and prevent them.  

Living up to those ambitions is a joint and on-going effort. We kindly ask you to read and consider our awareness policies:  


Everyone should feel accepted and comfortable regardless of gender, sexual orientation, skin color, religion or ethnicity. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, ableism or ageism. Hate symbols and the like are not welcome. Disrespectful and abusive behavior such as unwanted come-ons, comments or other harassment will not be tolerated.  


Act according to the consensus principle: Actions and conversations only take place with mutual consent. Make sure that the other person clearly signals that he, she or they want to talk or interact with you. Individual boundaries are respected: No always means no. An only yes means yes.  


If you feel threatened or uncomfortable, report it to our staff. If you see that another person needs help: Ask that person, do not leave it to "the others" to take action. You do not have to explain or justify your experience or observation. Our awareness team will represent your interests or those of the person affected in the event of a boundary violation or an assault. You will recognise our awareness team by a big "A" on a lanyard. You can also send us an email to awareness[at]reviersuedost.de or use the form below (also anonymously if desired).  

Please also note our House Rules.

Contact our awareness team

You can also use this form to get in touch with our awareness staff. If you prefer to remain anonymous, just leave the fields blank and send us a message. If you would like us to get back to you, please let us know your name and email address.
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