Plastic-free shopping at the weekly market

When you stroll through the beautiful weekly market around the corner on the weekend, it happens quickly that you not only bring home many fresh delicacies, but also countless small plastic bags. Today it is easier than ever to avoid these little polluters!

von Revier Südost • 05. May 2021

Your groceries have to be transported home somehow, of course. Instead of the plastic bag you can reach for the practical jute bag, old school wicker basket, a backpack or another long lasting plastic-free bag. There are bags in countless shapes, colors and varieties that are sustainable and get your fruits and vegetables home safely.

First stop, the greengrocer. Sure, the head of cabbage or a fresh cucumber just goes in the bag. But if you don't want to throw your brussels sprouts or fresh rolls from the bakery loose in your bag, there are plastic-free solutions for that, too. Vegetable nets or small bags made of GOTS-certified cotton are a great alternative and look really chic, too!

Next stop is the cheese counter. Again, you can easily avoid plastic. Before the cheese dealer of your confidence wraps the delicious Swiss Emmentaler in plastic, hand him your fresh-keeping can. The can keeps your cheese fresh, protects it from unsightly bruises and is a long-lasting companion. If you want to make the planet a little happier, avoid the common plastic cans and use a stainless steel lunch box instead.

And on to the wonderfully smelling spice stand. Space in the kitchen is limited for most and spices are often purchased in small portions. A fresh-keeping can is quickly too big and bulky. A great alternative for smaller amounts are small canning jars. These are available in different sizes, they are long lasting and you can easily label the glass jars to not lose track when cooking.

So, now a short coffee break! Every child knows that the well-known to-go cups are not good for the environment. They are often not recyclable and also bring high disposal costs. That's why there are now reusable thermal cups with a practical screw cap that keep your cappuccino warm for a long time. In addition, more and more cafes are offering reusable deposit cups as an alternative to disposable cups to make coffee consumption a little more sustainable.

Before heading home, we stop at the fruit vendor. Here they have wonderful huge watermelons. A whole watermelon is often too much and they cut it in half or quarters for customers. Before your grocer reaches for plastic wrap, why not wrap your watermelon in a sustainable beeswax wrap? Beeswax wraps now come in all sizes and with pretty designs and prints. If you buy small items like blueberries, you can use a beeswax bag to keep the small berries together and super fresh!


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