Club. Perspektive. Vorstellungskraft.

The exhibition at Baergarten by "Nietze" & Bert Silzner.

von Revier Suedost • 10. May 2022
As part of the Books & Beats Festival, the exhibition of the Berlin-based photographer "Nietze", showing photographs from her current book "Kein Halt mehr", a coffee-table book about the art & culture industry in collaboration with the photo artist Bert Silzner, is guest at the Baergarten until June 30.

"Nietze" and Bert Silzner met in 2015 at an interactive photo exhibition in Zurich. Bert Silzner was represented there with his technique: long exposure photography; paired with "Lightpainting" while "Nietze" was still working as a graphic designer at that time. 
Inspired by experiences of the photo exhibitions at that time and getting to know her mentor Ben de Biel, "Nietze" decided to take the camera into her own hands in 2019.

Bert and "Nietze" are connected not only by their common interest in photography but also by a deep connection to music. An intimate friendship soon developed and both are the "Duo Infernale", supporting each other in their work.

In 2020, "Nietze" began to launch her photo project " Kein Halt mehr"  in times of pandemic. Here she portrayed more than 70 protagonists of the Berlin art & culture industry, among others, with the DJs Jauche, T. Raumschmiere, actor Milan Peschel, bouncer Jen Pahmeyer, burlesque dancer La Rubinia. The result is a contemporary testimony of an otherwise noisy, colorful and dazzling city, which asks many social questions and is a critique of capitalism. It is an authentic work of Berlin history in fascinating black and white images.  The photobook was financed through crowdfunding and published after just under a year.
With the project "Kein Halt mehr" "Nietze" together with some of the actors of the book: photo artist Bert Silzner, painter Britta von Willert, streetart artist HOYA & the Planet Trash, moved to Ritter Butzke in early 2022 and curated the photographic club night called "Tanzverbot".

Bert has a motto: Everyone should be able to hold his personal "light painting" - artwork directly from the camera,- in his hands within a few minutes. He uses long exposure and "light painting" techniques.  He does it completely without Photoshop and professional models. Thus he makes his art accessible to all who are interested. In recent years, he has further developed his technique. He sets a sign against the trend of digital image processing and works on his pictures exclusively analog. 
Bert Silzner uses metal plates for this and refines their surfaces with sandblasting, acids, and grinding. Then his photos are printed on the processed metal plates in a special printing process. This creates unique and individual works of art, which thus reflect a symbiosis of photography and craftsmanship.

Now the two busy artists merge and present their unique work in the exhibition: Club. Perspective. On view at Revier Südost - Baergarten. 

IG: bertsilzner

IG: d.nietze_photography

About "Nietze"
Denise Schmidt a.k.a. "Nietze" was born in Berlin in 1988, very early she came in contact with the 35mm camera and bought her first own real camera after her school run in 2006. In 2007 she dived into the maelstrom of music and was responsible for tour booking & artist support of different artists. "Nietze" stepped into the footsteps of reason in 2010 and began an education as a state-trained assistant for product design. As part of this, she completed her internship with photographer Michael Danner and gained her first professional experience. Her visual understanding grew from day to day,- until "Nietze" started her own business as a graphic designer in 2013. Then in 2019, her on & off relationship with photography ended, as she met the gifted photographer Ben de Biel, who became her personal mentor. "Nietze" took a lot of Ben's creativity and from then on she has been permanently fascinated by photography. In 2021, her first illustrated book "Kein Halt mehr" was published, featuring over 70 actors from Berlin's art & culture industry. The result is a testimony of an otherwise noisy, colorful and dazzling city, which asks many social questions and is a critique of capitalism. 

"Nietzes" images are characterized by snapshots, few stagings and expressive portraits. At the beginning of 2022, she moved into the Ritter Butzke with her project "Kein Halt mehr" in cooperation with Bert Silzner, among others. Currently, further pictures can be seen at the Märkisches Museum at the "Easy Rider Roadshow", at the Humboldt Forum Berlin as part of the "Berlin Global" or also at the Bona Peiser at "Zeig dich, Alter!" in Kreuzberg.

And because Bert Silzner's editing is more than "trash-chic", their collaboration results in an extraordinary symbiosis. 

IG: d.nietze_photography

About Bert Silzner
Bert Silzner was born 1980 in Baden- Baden. After his school career and a deadly boring office job he packed his bags and moved to Berlin in 2007. Fascinated by the Berlin scene, he put out feelers in the music business and financed his hard-earned Berliner Schrippen with it in the first years. 
Driven by his interest in abstract photography and his thirst for knowledge, he applied to Olympus' interactive art exhibition "Photography Playground" in 2012.  Here he got the opportunity to prove himself as a self-taught photographer in long-term photography and the "light painting" technique. This unique opportunity developed into seventeen international exhibitions and an artist who slowly fell in love with art. Further national appearances, and the admission to different galleries, like the "Spacerie" art space in Bavaria or also gallery Köppe in the Berlin Grunewald, developed. In 2022 Bert was part of the exhibition "Tanzverbot" as part of the project "No more stop" by Nietze.

Driven to learn new techniques and use them for his art, paper was no longer patient enough for him! In search of a new medium for his paintings, he discovered the refinement of metal surfaces for himself. Bert uses,- sandblasting, acid treatments and sanding for this purpose. The photos are then sealed with a special printing technique. The result is unique and individual works of art that reflect a symbiosis of photography and self-taught craftsmanship. He is also tired of the ubiquitous digital image processing and the associated creation of an unattainable stereotypical image. Bert relies on 'real` people and has remained true to long exposure photography & "light painting" techniques to this day. No retouch. No Photoshop. "Lightpainting"- artwork straight out of the camera. 

And because nothing is cast with "Nietze", her pictures are a feast for Bert's eyes. 

IG: bertsilzner


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