Statement 23. August

After an incident at our door during an event last Monday in the early morning hours, our club is facing accusations of racism and homophobia against us and some of our staff.  

von Revier Südost • 23. August 2021
The recent accusations have been our key concern and very much on our minds in the last few days. Such accusations have a very personal impact. It is our aim to be a club where everyone feels welcome and can party without reference to skin color, sexual orientation or origin. We consider ourselves to be a strong voice against racism and any form of discrimination. Especially for the queer community. This is what the entire RSO crew stands for.   


So first and foremost, we would like to apologize to Nicholas Rose: for feeling discriminated and treated unfairly. No one who comes to our club should go home feeling that way. That is why we have arranged for a personal meeting with Nicholas Rose to better understand his perspective and perception. We will involve a mediator as a neutral third party.

Over the weekend, we spoke with the employees involved. They perceived and described the situation differently. This clearly showed us that our previous efforts on the subject of awareness are not enough, especially not at a time when the Corona regulations are already severely restricting the partying we know.

Therefore, we will review and improve awareness in all areas of our clubs. We are already in close consultation with the Awareness Academy of the Berlin Clubcommission and others in order to intensify training of our staff and have them accompany future events so that such situations can be avoided. 

This is a first step. Together, we will continue to work on living up to our promise of being a safe space: for every guest, at every event, Corona or not.


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