Newcomer Day 2021

Call for DJs - become a junior talent and play with one of six DJ mentors at Baergarten!

von Revier Südost • 07. July 2021
From the end of July to mid-August, the Musicboard Berlin-sponsored event "Newcomer Day" will take place at the Baergarten in the Revier Südost. In order to give newcomers a stage alongside established Berlin artists, six Berlin DJs from different areas of electronic music will each take on the mentorship of one day of the event. Each mentor will curate one event and select their three favourite up-and-coming talents themselves. The selection process takes place through a prior DJ mix call via social media. The selected talents will then play together with their mentors in the DJ booth at the Newcomer Day! Every Newcomer DJ gets a fee of 250,-€!

Are you interested? Then contact your favorite mentor on Instagram or Facebook with your DJ mix! Deadline is 30.07.21. Good luck!

The dates and our DJ mentors:

Sa 14.08.2021 curated by rRoxymore with
  • Acidinfinky
  • Äggi Blu
  • Indigo Plateaux 

So: 15.08.2021 curated by Laura BCR with
  • Ina Kacz 
  • Leo Wieber 
  • Rrrrrrrrod

Sa: 21.08.2021 curated by KILLA with
  • Ball & Chain 
  • Monibi 
  • Nites 

So: 22.08.2021 curated by Irakli with
  • Banu
  • Mattia Prete
  • Suzanne

Sa: 28.08.2021 curated by Ron Wilson with
  • Dangermami
  • Mara
  • Nina Berg

So: 29.08.2021 curated by Franklin De Costa
  • Buoy
  • Formella
  • King Sleepy

Edit: As the "Newcomer Day" ist funded by the Musicboard Berlin, we can only integrate Newcomer Artists who are based in Berlin and are able to provide a german invoice. 


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