Summer of Performance at Revier Südost

4 productions - 2 ensembles - 1 unique scenery 

von Revier Südost • 24. June 2021
Grotest Maru, Jana Korb and the Revier Südost cordially invite you to the Summer of Performance. In July and August 2021, four different plays and productions will be shown on the grounds of the former Bärenquell Brewery in an extraordinary setting. 

Open-air theater struggles to be recognised, much like club culture, as the genre is mostly misjudged and dismissed as street theater. The fundamental problem is the lack of space for rehearsals and performances in Berlin, which is why international festivals have often acted as open-air theaters until now. The two ensembles have already toured around the world, playing in China, Canada, Italy, Portugal and many other countries. 
Now that the pandemic has given "being outside" a whole new meaning, the public's interest in outdoor theater is growing. Now Grotest Maru and Jana Korb have finally found a place in Berlin, Revier Südost, where they can both rehearse and perform their productions on a unique stage. 

Grotest Maru was founded in 1996 at Kunsthaus KuLe in Berlin, working continuously in Berlin since then. They have toured with productions at numerous festivals, including international ones, since 1999, often at the invitation of the Goethe Institute. The group aims to reach a broad audience in a low-threshold way and specialises in intervening in urban space with performative interventions and sharpening perception in public space - a communication that transcends cultural boundaries. This is a very own theatrical language, in which not the word but the image is the main carrier of the artistic content. 

For Revier Südost in Berlin Schöneweide, Grotest Maru will adapt to the facade, staging Timebank to the special architectural potentials of the location - the artists will act out of windows, descend on ropes and present breathtaking sceneries. The basic theme of the production, a critical look at the mechanisms of financial markets and the human brutality of competition and workaholism, will be linked to the current Berlin discourse on housing and real estate issues. How can we envision a more humane city where we balance our life-work-sleep with ecological working and living? 

SCHWARM is a new production by Grotest Maru that is making its world premiere on the grounds of Revier Südost. Five crane stilt figures about 3 meters tall form SCHWARM, which has to face various obstacles. In the process, themes such as migration and control, surveillance, standardization, and escape flow into the staging in a completely self-evident, above all associative way. By means of headphones and VJ projection, the multimedia spectacle penetrates very directly into the collective consciousness of those present. The audience is guided through several stations and a 360 degree theater is created. For SCHWARM, Grotest Maru, under the artistic direction of Ursula Maria Berzborn, cooperates with Tom Mustroph for dramaturgy and Kathrin Hegedüsch for costume design, while Milena Kipfmüller and Klaus Janek of Sounding Situations provide the sound and the creation of the video projections is in the hands of Hanna Zimmermann and Mara Stirner.

Jana Korb is an artist and cultural scientist who produces artistic theater and narrative circus. She has choreographed and performed in and for productions by Christoph Schlingensief, John Bock, Jill Greenhalgh, among others. She has also performed for Vaclav Havel, at Documenta, Ostrale, Odin Teatret, and others.
She is the artistic director of the Luftartistik Festspiele Berlin, co-founder of the RAW-Gelände (Berlin), as well as an active member of the Magdalena Project (Network of Women in Contemporary Theater) and board member of the Bundesverband Theater im Öffentlichen Raum.

LuftFest - The Aerial Arts Festival Berlin will be accompanied by thoroughbred commedienne Bartuschka, your friendly neighborhood freak Roc Roc-It and the multi-artists from PhiloCircus. 
Fresh air after a year of pandemic! A total of 30 artists* will show the full range from athletic virtuoso artistry to contemporary approaches to the art of aerial artistry. The disciplines include classic props, such as rope, trapeze, and cloth, as well as experimental disciplines such as bungee dance, pole, and hairhang. 
They seek critical artistic explorations of body, fitness, age, and gender. But they also explore the essentials of aerial artistry and question the choice of discipline as a form of artistic expression, seeking artists* with their own artistic and methodological approaches.

zirka trollop, the circus trilogy based on Kafka, is about a trapeze artist who had arranged her life in such a way that she could stay on the trapeze day and night. But one day she discovered that a trapeze was no longer enough: "Just this one bar in my hands - how can I live?" The stagehand is hopelessly in love, the trapeze artist never wants to leave her trapeze - Anja Gessenhardt and Jana Korb dedicate themselves to artistic theater - with zirka trollop they intertwine literature and acting with floor and aerial acrobatics. 

Summer of Performance at Revier Südost
02. Juli - 07. August 2021
Revier Südost 
Schnellerstraße 137
12439 Berlin 
You can find all dates and tickets here

FR 02.07.202121:00 UhrTimebank
SA 03.07.202117:00 UhrTimebank
21:00 UhrTimebank
SO 04.07.202117:00 UhrTimebank
FR 09.07.202121:00 UhrTimebank
SA 10.07.202117:00 UhrTimebank
21:00 UhrTimebank
SO 11.07.202117:00 UhrTimebank
DO 15.07.202119:30 UhrLuftFest - Aerial Arts Festival
FR 16.07.202119:30 UhrLuftFest - Aerial Arts Festival
SA 17.07.202119:30 UhrLuftFest - Aerial Arts Festival
DO 22.07.202119:30 Uhrzirka trollop
FR 23.07.202119:30 Uhrzirka trollop
SA 24.07.202119:30 Uhrzirka trollop
FR 30.07.202120:30 UhrSCHWARM
SA 31.07.202120:30 UhrSCHWARM
FR 06.08.202120:30 UhrSCHWARM
SA 07.08.202120:30 UhrSCHWARM


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