We present: the Valley and the Flanker Bar

You thought that was all? We are opening a new part of the site.

von Revier Südost • 16. June 2021
In the heart of the former Bärenquell brewery is the Valley. It is t he center of the site and forms the central place for all visitors. The three large wooden terraces offer plenty of space to linger, rest and relax. The terraces were designed by the landscape and architecture practice Fabulism and built by our team over the last months.

Right next to the Valley is the Flanke Bar, which will be an alternative sports bar. Here we are still busy building, so that you can soon get cool drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. If the Valley gets too busy for you, you can move to the more quiet courtyard behind the Flanke Bar and settle down.

The first event in the Valley and at the Flanke Bar is the EM Revier.
After the past hard winter months it's time to go out again and cheer together with a cold beer and hot sausage from the grill. That's why we're celebrating the sporting event of the summer at the Flanke Bar, where you can watch all the games of the championship on a large LED screen. All German games will be moderated and accompanied by Nina Queer.
You can find the tickets for the EM Revier here.


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