Vernissage "Faxen Dicke"

Fr • 05.08.2022 • 19:00

Miriam and Stefan met in 2021 in a lost place in the Berlin countryside. 

Since then, Miriam and Stefan have been united by their fascination for forgotten places and their passion for photography. Both grow from the joint project work and develop their skills further and always inspire each other. 

Stefan and Miriam have photographed a lot, exchanged ideas and explored abandoned places together. 

Now they are making some selected pieces available to the public. The relationship with the former Bärenquell Brewery was also motivated by the interest in the location as a Lost Place and now makes this first joint exhibition possible. 

05 August 2022

August 05, 2022 - October 31, 2022 

Revier Südost @Baergarten
Schnellerstraße 137
12439 Berlin