Asphalt Kollektiv Berlin - MusikTindaaa

Mi • 17.08.2022 • 18:00

It's getting hot again!

After an involuntary break AKB brings MusikTindaaa back on stage.
We hope for unusual matches.

EVERY 3rd Wednesday we want to try out new band combinations with you. 
If you are a musician and want to experience inspiration, new musicians or just a very special jam session, come to Beargarten at Revier Südost at 18:00. Of course, music-loving audience is also welcome.

From 18:00 clock you are already looking for the best tables and try out the bar of the Baergarten at Revier Südost. 

Everything that follows may be called art.

See you very soon!

About Asphalt Kollektiv Berlin:
We are a collective of street musicians and
artists that has been organizing concerts and song slams for over four years. We also vary our playing concept with CoverSlams and our open mic variant: the MusikTindaaa.
Over the years we have built up a Berlin-wide network with over 100 different musicians that is appreciated by all as friendly and familiar.
We also connect with other collectives and projects that we support in many ways. 

MusikTindaaa @Baergarten
Schnellerstraße 137, 12439