Do • 16.09.2021 • 19:00

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#Dust and Circus #Site specific Performance

The construction site is a place of materiality and transformation. It moves between what was, what is and what will be. Often perceived as an obstruction and a nuisance in our everyday lives, it simultaneously holds utopian potential: the idea of hopeful change and the creation of new spaces. 

In the circus and construction performance UNMEASUREMENT Road Maintenance Series, five performers explore the transitional spaces between hope and nightmare, between archaeology and civil engineering, idealising rendering construction signs and building rubble, with the necessary pinch of irony and their bodies as a yardstick. 

Building and measuring are on display. To the sounds of concrete mixers and welding equipment, Plus Ou Moins Cirques Productions briefly raptures our gaze and sharpens it for an aesthetics of the construction site. 
Attention : afterwards, the quasi unavoidable construction site parcour through Berlin could become a real joy, the construction site a performance itself...!

15 & 16 & 17 September 2021, 19:00, Revier Südost  
(Schnellerstraße 137, 12439 Berlin-Niederschöneweide, S-Schöneweide)
Entrance Wasserstraße

Free Entry

A digital Corona-ID is required to enter the grounds of Revier Südost.

Performance: Julia Knaust, Franziska Pack, Marie Lynn Speckert, Dan Su, Claire Terrien
Set & Light: Claire Terrien / Marie Lynn Speckert
Collaboration musik: Caroline Tallone / Samuel Kress
Outside eye: Olivia Jenks / Frauke Niemann
Costume: Sack&Asche (Eva Hubel)
Graphic: Melanie Fischbach
Video: Blandine Casen
Production management/Communication: Frauke Niemann / Maxi Klingbeil

supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media / with the support of Revier Südost, Draussenstadt, Schloss Bröllin, Artronis Visual Engineering / Samuel Kress, Enzo Engelbrecht, Omnivolant / thanks to Wiesenburg 55 e.V., Sandra Blatterer.