QWEER Night Market @Subaermarkt

Fr • 23.07.2021 • 16:00

Revier Südost is welcoming us to do a Market this summer the day before the official 2021 CSD march!

We are bringing the Arts and Craft hard working LGBTQIA entrepreneurs to all exhibit their goodies to you this winter. It has been especially hard for them, so support them all by coming over (with your mask) and seeing what they have all been working on.
Small companies, designers, artists, e-companies and shops will exhibit their products and services to you. From Fashion items, Arts & Crafts to kinky Sex Toys, you won’t have a reason to leave empty handed, encouraging local commerce and queer businesses.
A social endeavour to celebrate love and compassion, and at the same time providing fundamental resources for a better living.
The Market is outdoors and we will also have shows for our guests. We will have 20 stands, mostly supervised by the entrepreneurs or artists themselves.
In addition to this, Subaermarkt will have some stands open next to ours offering you food and drink. DJ-lineup from the club will be heard through most of the market and used as ambiance music. The market is totally free to enter but for the entertainment part of the venue we will ask for donations to support the artists taking part, help with our organisational costs and donate to Lambda organisation (Polish LGBTQI organisation).
Our first goal as project aim is to create awareness around our community, empower the local businesses and highlight amazing artists who are a great example of dedication and perseverance, united to create a better world.
Friends and allies, come to this fun market and support the community!

Event organised by Queer Xmas Market, Lusty Ice and supported by the Naughty Xmas Market. We have the support if Revier Südost, Flanke Bar and Subaermarkt.
Friday 23.07.21 from 16:00 till 22:00
SHOWS area (donation based)